Prize fund 42km Marathon Varna 2018
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Prize fund 21km Marathon Varna 2018
Prize fund 10.5km Marathon Varna 2018

The great champion of three marathon / 42 km / Varna, Stara Zagora and Sofia will receive a prize of approx. € 10,000 and will be determined based on a point system. Qualified to sixth place in each marathon participants will receive points. As an example:
first place get – 10 points
second place get – 7 points
third place get – 5 points
four place get – 3 points
five place get – 2 points
sixth place get – 1 point
The big winner has to collect at least 25 points after participating in three competitions. In case of equal points the award winning athlete, which is higher position in the last marathon in Sofia.