Prize fund 42km Marathon Varna 2019
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Prize fund 21km Marathon Varna 2019
Prize fund 10.5km Marathon Varna 2019

The big winner of Running – a Way of Life Series of Marathons in Varna, Stara Zagora and Sofia will receive a prize of 20 000 BGN and will be determined on the basis of a scoring system.

When participating in each of the three marathons, athletes who are ranked from first to eighth place will receive points as follows

  • first place10 points
  • second place8 points
  • third place6 points
  • fourth place5 points
  • fivth place4 points
  • sixth place3 points
  • seventh place2 points
  • eight place1 point

The big winner must get a minimum of 20 points from their participation in the three marathons.

A minimum of 20 points is required to win the big bonus. If two or more athletes achieve this minimum, the winner is the athlete with the most points. When there is a tie, the previous rankings are taken into account and, if there is a tie for the second time, then the sum is split up.